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pawerbacku 2.5

Easy-to-use program that ensures safe and effective way to protect files on your PC. PowerBackup allows to analyze, sort and archive files on your hard disk, diskettes or replaceable carriers and registers results of the backup for the future to recover lost data or search in archives. PowerBackup provides excellent compatibility, supporting a wide range of writing CD-and DVD-drives, including record on dual layer 8.5-Gbyte disks DVD + R / RW. Thanks to step through the user interface, PowerBackup is easy to understand and easy to follow guide for each category of problems guarantees exact results.

All these features make PowerBackup convenient, reliable and functionally rich product, suitable for those users who value security, guaranteed regular archiving files. 


- Backup files, folders and applications 
- Include or exclude files with advanced filtering regime 
- Automatic backup schedule 
- Restoration of data through an independent utility 
- Preservation of archives with Stream-to-Disc Technology 
- Protection of archives with password 
- Support for Blu-ray discs, providing users with more than 50GB of data backed up on one disk. 

Fast Stream-to-Disc Archiving 
A streaming burning technology that let's you compress data and streams directly to disc, saving precious archiving time and hard disc buffer space throughout the process. 

Flexible File Filters for Quick Archiving 
Back up more efficiently by creating a list of files that you specifically want in or out of your archive. 

Easy Archive Scheduling 
Automates the archiving of data so you don't have to remember to archive. You can change the scheduled backup any time, including override schedule to back up immediately. Backups can be scheduled to occur every day, week, month, or once only. You can also postpone backup indefinitely, add or remove scheduled jobs. 

Sturdy Password Protection 
Enhances security for archiving and restoring files, preventing unauthorized access to your data archives. 

Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista. 
Language: English

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